Friday, December 16, 2011

Afternoon Walk

I took a break from visiting with my nephews this afternoon to take my dog Marlowe out for his afternoon walk. With the time change, we have been getting our walks in earlier and earlier. We used to walk around five o'clock, but now with the sun fully behind the mountains by 3:30 and darkness setting in by four, we are now walking around 3 o'clock. I have gotten used to the sun. Growing up in Southern Oregon and living in Southern California I have come to expect the sun. Cloudy, rainy days are so rare that they are celebrated.

When my nephews were much younger, fourth and second grade, whenever it would rain, we'd grab a hot chocolate and go by the wash near their house to see if it would fill up. It never did, the air temperature was so hot that most of the rain evaporated before it hit the ground. Rain to them was a novelty. Something to experience and to have an experience with. We would make it fun.

Today when the threatening rain finally came we were inside. Both boys home from college, both so very grown up now. When I reminded them of how we used to go up to the wash to watch the rain, they remembered and laughed. It was a good memory. One of the reasons I moved down here was to create memories with my nephews. Just like today.

Even though the oldest was playing a video game and the youngest was filling out his summer internship applications, the companionship was easy. We were still able to carry on the same discussions we had over Thanksgiving, that were carried over since summer, that were carried over since... since I can't remember. It is just one long conversation that has pauses in it created by absences. It is quickly picked up again when we are all together.

I was reminded of the times we spent up by the wash when I was walking Marlowe. The rain was threatening. But while I was out, it was holding off. I couldn't hold off the flood of memories, though. It really does seem like yesterday that the nephews were young boys and now they are young men. One will be graduating this year, the other trying to decide if he wants to do his summer internship in New York or Madrid.

Young men heading off into the world. I am glad that I moved down here and had the chance to know them as little boys.

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