Monday, December 12, 2011

The Morning Wake-up Call

I woke up this morning, not to the usual lick in the face by my dog Marlowe, but the cawing of a raven outside my window. I often encounter ravens on my walks, but I had yet had one so close to my bedroom window before. The sound was not a frightening one, like one out of a Poe poem. I did not feel that sense of dread. To me it was more friendly--it brought a smile to my face. Hey, wake up sleepy head.

Last week I must admit I was lazy. I didn't feel like getting out of bed until it was absolutely necessary. When the requirements of either Marlowe's or my bladder called to roust us out of the warmth of the covers. I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Yes, we had the field trip to Salvation Mountain, but on the whole we didn't do much else.

I didn't even apply for any jobs. Six months out of work, six months since I received the manila folder with everything I would need to file for unemployment, six months of sending out resume´s and I have not even being called back for an interview. I am still collecting unemployment. And that helps. My severance package did soften the blow but that is long gone. I was so discouraged last week I could not even overcome the inertia to send out an application.

I looked upon the raven cawing at me this morning as a get out of bed, it's Monday, it's a new week, let's get going, kind of sign. Sure, it was probably just a bird that happened to land outside my window because it's raining and nothing more, or was that, Nevermore.

Sure we humans tend to find symbols and signs in all sorts of things, usually retroactively. I certainly am guilty of that, especially when I played basketball. If we won, I would wear the same socks, and put them on in the same order, until we lost. And then I would switch the order. I believed in the power of the lucky socks.

Just like I believed in the power of the raven's caw this morning. Who knows. I did send out an application today. I am not getting my hopes up. My hopes are too far gone to even find them. But at least I won't go another week without sending out my resumé.

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