Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Beginning of the Journey

I was on a cruise three weeks ago. A snorkeling, sight seeing cruise to the Na'poli coast in Kauai. A five-year-old boy sitting in the seat behind me asked the captain, "How long is this cruise?" The captain replied "As long as it takes to get back home." The journey is as long as it takes to get back home. The journey takes as long as it takes. No more, no less.

My cruise into a different set of waters began Monday at 4pm (Pacific Daily Savings Time). It seems important to note the time-- the time of departure. I was told that my position that I have held for two years has been eliminated. Sounds had the same muffled tone that I experienced while snorkeling in Kauai, the fading in and out, clear then garbled. I had to sit down, oh, I already was.

I had e-mails, and schedules, and purchase orders to complete. I was told they are no longer my concern. No longer my concern. My cruise begins now. The cares and the woes of the everyday work world are no longer my concern. I have been let go, I have lost the anchor of my everyday. I am adrift in the sea without a cruise director.

And now, what's next?

That's what I will be chronicling in this blog-- the what's next. I don't know how long this cruise will be. But it will be an adventure, an exciting voyage, finding the way out and then home again.

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